Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

Well, I figured that, being a new year, I would try to start a blog, again.* I feel that I could use some documentation for my thoughts, ideas, schemes,** and whatever else appears; only to be gone in the next second. I guess, I am starting because I want to be able to understand myself better, get in touch with my inner writer, and perhaps become more productive. Though, my thought was to start this off with a list of new years resolutions, I haven't ever made one, not really. So... without further adieu, my list!

1. Wake up and go to sleep when the rest of the humans do.***

2. Start learning how to program!

3. Get those creative juices flowing!

4. DnD will not fail next time, you just have to keep trying...

5. Play WoW better.

6. Learn to make better lists...

7. Manage time better.

8. Get Black Water going again!


And there you have it, my agenda, for this year, ain't it grand? I hope to get better at this. ^^; Chou for now! ~Vertro

*My first blog I attempted a few months ago, failed; I had no topic for it.

** Working schemes not likely.

*** I tend to go to bed at twelve, stay awake till two, wake up at ten. (Though I have been trying to change that ebony state of mind.)

**** Writers block still going strong.

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