Thursday, January 1, 2009

Online flash games?

I have thought,* that perhaps I could review flash games, as one of the things I might do here; as most are simple to complete, are free, plentiful, and it is not like I have any skills at reviewing, summing up, or anything, but practice makes perfect,** right? So, the first game I would like to review is this: Nano War***

Nano War is a RTS**** type game, with an editor, and multiplayer support,***** as of this post, it is still in the works, but there are a good fifteen levels to play with. I breezed through them, as the kind of high of his thrown guy I am. The AI seems to be weak, and doesn't take you by the neck, the cells can hold as many units as you want, but stop regenerating their own after they reach a certain point. I have found it to be quite fun to but myself at a disadvantage, and then steal the crown. ^_^ What I found to be odd though, is that you cannot test your map, without saving it first, it does not tell you this, and if you press "test" you will play the map you last saved at, and after you exit that game, it goes back to your unsaved map. All in all, a great game. Eight out of ten.

Well, that was fun.****** I think I will review some of my video games, once I am finished with them...


* Randomly generated with my mind

** You know, all those perfect people exist.


**** Real time strategy

***** I haven't seen anyone else there host a game...*

****** I was playing Nano Wars when writing this. =D

* At nine forty five PM the day after New Years.

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