Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All of That Which Makes the World Function

For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a toolbar that sends you to sites tailored to your interests. First, you make an account, set what general categories you like, then you start click the "Stumble!" on your toolbar. This is the most epic thing, EVER. Once you go to a site, if you like it, thumbs it up, if not, thumbs it down, if you like it, but don't like it that much, then don't thumbs up or down. You can write a review/comment by pressing the speech bubble icon on your toolbar, but unless you use the blog feature, I wouldn't bother.

I have continued looking for programming learning things... seems that books and looking at other people's programs are the main ways of learning. I am trying to assimilate as many of my friends as I can into learning, so that we could work together. I have managed to get one competent friend, but he is over the internets.

Log 0002:

School is the same as ever, not learning anything, though it is necessary in this society for me to at least finish high school, collage is strictly necessary, but I really don't want to spend four years on something I didn't want in the first place, only to go work at some job that doesn't require a degree. While it is unlikely that I would get that kind of job, I would like to try my hand at freelancing a bit before getting a real job. It won't matter for a good five years or so, but it would be for the best if I didn't have to spend a nice four year chunk of my life on something that wouldn't matter.

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