Friday, January 2, 2009

Stick Ranger Review

So far, I have found Stick Ranger* to be enjoyable.

Type: RPG
Score: 78/100
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You get four stick figure heroes, all of whom can be one of five classes. (Though you can have multiple be the same class) The Archer, Gladiator, Mage, Boxer**, and Priest. They all only can do one thing, the Archer shoots arrows, the Gladiator slashes with a sword, the Mage casts a ball of energy, the Boxer punches people, and the priest has an aura***. It is a two dimensional game, as a three dimensional stick figure would be... a skeleton. I don't know how long it goes, but it seems to be a long game***. My team of heroes is a group of four mages. ^_^

Log #001
Nothing happened today, just a little bit of WoW, some console gaming, looking for something to blog about, and worrying that school starts again on Monday. I have already forgotten my New Years things, whilst my time is spent trying to spend it better.

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